MIANWALI: Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmed announced on Wednesday that the antique Rawalpindi-Mianwali song will be replaced with a new one with a purpose to lessen the tour time between the two stations to three hours.

He announced this for the duration of his speech at Mianwali Railway Station where a massive variety of human beings had collected to welcome him. Mr Rashid turned into travelling through inaugural service of Thal explicit that become released by way of high Minister Imran Khan an afternoon earlier.

. The train will run among Multan and Rawalpindi through Mianwali.

He said that Pakistan might be made a rich united states consistent with the top minister’s vision.

He became followed with Amjad Ali Khan, the MNA from Mianwali.

The minister vowed to make Pakistan Railways a perfect institution.

He additionally announced that the offerings of contract-based transient labourers might be regularised and problems of civil servants might be resolved on precedence basis.

He introduced Rs3000 allowance for each railway employee, advising them to work difficult for the success of the PR.

Mr Rashid additionally addressed gatherings at Daudkhel Railway Stations and Kundian loco shed.

but, most of the locals got disenchanted when in his speeches he did no longer even point out their longstanding demand of healing of early morning rail-vehicle service between Kundian and Rawalpindi which have been changed with Thal specific.

They had been of the view that Thal explicit’ timings did now not in shape those intending to travel to Rawalpindi by means of educate.

local investors representative Haji Falak Sher said the minister, with the aid of now not even citing the demand, cheated the people of Mianwali.

published in , February 14th, 2019