SHANGLA: the principle avenue linking Chakesar with different elements of Shangla district become blocked after a landslide hit Karora location right here on Tuesday night leaving motorists and commuters stranded.

A snowfall lashed the district’s top elements, at the same time as plain areas acquired rain for the 1/3 consecutive day stressful lifestyles. The Shangla pinnacle, Yakhtangay, Ajmer, Kandaw, per Khana, Gamtal, Speen Ghar, Cherh Dandai and different regions obtained snow.

. The snowstorm plunged the mercury below freezing forcing citizens to stay interior.

An authentic of the deputy commissioner’s workplace informed sunrise that a huge mass of mud fell onto the road in Karora and hence, blocking off it.

He said the place became vulnerable to landslides at some stage in rains.

The reputable stated landslides were said on Wednesday as properly. He stated the non-stop rain behind schedule the exercise to clean landslide from the street as debris persevered to roll down the mountain.

meanwhile, the motorists and commuters have been marooned for hours on the road in Chakesar location braving harsh climate. The district management dispatched an excavator to clean street but it didn’t start paintings due to the common landslides and rains.

The residents said the Karora-Chakesar avenue become a prime course connecting the whole tehsil with different regions however landslides blocked the road for weeks.

They said patients couldn’t visit hospitals in Chakesar place because of road blockades.

Social activist Fawad Ali Noor stated numerous protest had been staged to seek permanent option to the frequent Karora road blockade, but in vain.

published in sunrise, February 14th, 2019