KABUL: Afghanistan has brushed off 12 election officers amid an research into corruption following problems with the organisation of a trendy election final year, with fears developing that the purge may want to postpone a July presidential election.

President Ashraf Ghani’s government agreed to an change of the election regulation to improve transparency following meetings with political, civil society organizations and competition parties, and his spokesman said the elimination of the 12 become a result.

“After the election regulation changed into amended in a grand consensus, advocated with the aid of the cabinet and signed by the president, then the commissioners ought to no longer live of their jobs,” said Shah Hussain Murtazawi, a presidential palace spokesman.


He did not intricate at the cause for the sacking of the seven officers from the impartial Election commission and five commissioners from the Election complaints fee.

Wasima Badghisi, one of the dismissed commissioners, stated the choice turned into political and could not be universal.

The lawyer fashionable’s office said in a statement on Tuesday the 12 officials were barred from leaving the united states of america as an research have been released into accusations of corruption, abuse of authority and incompetence.

The transparent Election foundation for Afghanistan, an impartial election tracking institution, said the dismissals had been a hasty political choice in place of a reform that might assist the electoral method.

published in sunrise, February 14th, 2019