DHAKA: Police fired rubber bullets and tear fuel at hundreds of spiritual hardliners who attacked Ahmadis in northern Bangladesh on Tuesday, leaving 25 humans injured.

The clashes erupted after days of tensions over a deliberate convention of the Ahmadi network inside the city of Ahmadnagar. The hardliners demanded the occasion be cancelled.

There are an expected one hundred,000 Ahmadis in Bangladesh.

Police said numerous corporations have been retaining protests in opposition to the Ahmadis’ conference, scheduled to begin in just over every week.

“a few 700-800 men wielding sticks and batons marched toward Ahmadnagar and clashed with the Ahmadis,” a police authentic said.

Police fired rubber bullets and tear gasoline to “preserve law and order”, he stated, including that 20 police and five Ahmadis were injured.

The spokesman for Ahmadi community said seven of its contributors were injured, three severely.

The previous couple of decades have visible a number of assaults targeting Ahmadis in Bangladesh.

The so-referred to as Islamic country group claimed obligation for the attack, but the authorities blamed a homegrown militant institution, Jamayetul Mujahideen Bangladesh, which is accused of killing rankings of Hindus, Christians, Sufis and Shias.

posted in , February 14th, 2019