(net desk) - Toyota has topped the list of the most Googled vehicle brands internationally in line with a survey carried out by using insurance employer Veygo.

the auto production organisation leads fifty seven international locations of the 171 that were researched by means of Veygo.

furthermore, there were 7.Eight million searches for Toyota in line with month in evaluation with 7 million for Honda and 6.4 million for Ford.

The international locations in which the car company led the quest included america, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Finland and the Philippines.

BMW got here on the second spot with a search strength in 25 nations.

Mercedes-Benz bagged the 0.33 location, topping the searches in 23 countries. It changed into accompanied through Lamborghini which had a search figure in 12 international locations consisting of Venezuela.

Tesla was the most Googled logo in seven countries, along with Norway, the Netherlands, and Hong Kong.

but; some car brands do no longer had the identical search popularity together with Pagani, Acura and Chrysler.