(AFP) - India captain Virat Kohli has provoked a social media storm after telling a critic to depart the u . S . A . For criticising his batting.

Kohli advised the Indian fan to "move and live some other place" in a video on his newly-launched non-public app, in which he answered to remarks from the general public.

The fan had said Kohli changed into "hyped up" and less fun to look at than his English and Australian opposite numbers, prompting a frosty reaction.

"Why are you dwelling in our united states and loving other countries? I don t mind you not liking me however I don t assume you have to stay in our united states of america and like different things. Get your priorities right."

His outburst precipitated a backlash on social media from cricket enthusiasts throughout India.

"Virat Kohli s statement is a mirrored image of the bubble that most well-known humans both slip into or are compelled into," wrote prominent cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle on Twitter.

"Kohli is fantastically smug and that is one trait that's his Achilles heel," tweeted some other user.