(AFP) - extra than 400 buffaloes believed to have been chased with the aid of lions drowned in a river in northern Bostwana this week, the authorities stated.

The mass drowning came about in Chobe River near the border with Namibia.

Early investigations via authorities in both international locations "advise that an exceedingly big buffalo herd changed into grazing in Namibia when they stampeded into the Chobe River," Botswana s Ministry of surroundings, natural sources Conservation and Tourism said in a statement overdue Wednesday.

"initial indications are that they have been being chased by way of a satisfaction of lions," the ministry said.

"it's far estimated that extra than 400 animals drowned due to the big motion of buffalo trampling, and falling from steep river banks."

Mass drownings aren't unusual, the ministry introduced.

Namibian media pronounced that the incident occurred on Tuesday night time.