THE HAGUE (NETHERLANDS): A Dutch “young god” just months shy of his seventieth birthday has released a prison bid to minimize two decades off his age as he seems to enhance his prospects at paintings and in love.

In an extraordinary case inside the Netherlands, Emile Ratelband told a tribunal that he wants to shift his start date a long time later to March eleven, 1969.

The life teach, who specialises in “self-consciousness” training, said he felt discriminated against because of his superior years, adding that even as he does not need relationship apps, the custom of giving his age to a prospective lover changed into cramping his style.


“I feel lots younger than my age, i am a younger god, i will have all the girls I want however no longer once I inform them that i'm 69,” Ratelband informed AFP on Thursday.

“I feel young, i am in wonderful shape and i need this to be legally known because I sense abused, aggrieved and discriminated against due to my age.”

The unmarried father, who stated he has attempted in vain to prevent his simple pension, instructed the tribunal on Monday that his petition turned into “legitimate”, likening his bid for a legal treatment to folks that sign up a change of respectable gender.

“today we can choose our paintings, gender, political and sexual orientation. We actually have the right to change our call. So why will we not have the right to alternate our age?” he stated.

in line with his physician, his organic age is among forty and 45, he said.

Ratelband said even as he become to start with greeted through “jeers” from magistrates, he now believes his attorney —famous criminal attorney Jan-Hein Kuijpers had “unsettled” the decide.

“this situation is unparalleled, there is no jurisprudence. The possibilities of success are minimal however we agree with that the law need to evolve with the instances,” Kuijpers advised AFP.

The courtroom need to determine inside 4 weeks.