Peshawar’s famend artist Arshad Hussain, who has been working for the mediums of tv, film, radio and stage for the final 30 years, is scuffling with cancer.

in keeping with BBC Urdu, Hussain has spent all that he had on his treatment and, in step with his pals, has lost the desire to combat along with his disorder any more.

thankfully, the artists of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have united to acquire financial resources for the ill artist, and feature appealed the authorities and different welfare institutions to increase help.


The artists have launched a campaign titled ‘assist Arshad Hussain’ with the sole purpose of arranging monetary assets for him.

On Monday, the campaigners addressed a press convention, announcing the ailing artist spent Rs4 million on his remedy throughout the primary years of his disease.

The artists highlighted that the ones associated with the showbiz enterprise need to spend plenty for their grooming but obtain very meagre in terms of receivables. If the artists don’t get work opportunities for sometime, it costs them dearly.

The artists called on the government to extend instant economic assistance and to take other measures for Arshad Hussain. They also asked the authorities to make approach to clear up the troubles going through the enterprise, on permanent foundation.

Arshad Hussain hails from Mardan, and has featured in various dramas of PTV and personal channels, in addition to for Radio Pakistan and degree suggests.