Former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa asked asylum in Belgium in an apparent bid to keep away from extradition, according to judicial assets on Thursday.

What we realize up to now:

  • consistent with judicial resources, Correa carried out for asylum in June and Belgian authorities began reviewing the request in August. However, his attorney told Reuters that "there is nothing about asylum," and rejected information of a request.

  • Correa has claimed investigations into his presidency quantity to "political persecution" and that he is being wrongfully centered.
  • In July, Interpol rejected a Quito-issued arrest warrant for Correa, pronouncing it became "glaringly a political count number."
  • the former Ecuadoran president has resided in Belgium in view that 2017, while his 2d presidential time period got here to an give up.

what is the case about?

Correa, in conjunction with former Ecuadoran intelligence head Pablo Romero and police officers, stand accused of orchestrating the botched kidnapping of an competition lawmaker.

the former lawmaker Fernando Baldo, a Correa ally who grew to become critic, turned into abducted in Bogota in 2012. However quickly afterward, Colombian police released him, saying Ecuador's intelligence business enterprise Senain turned into at the back of it. The enterprise reviews without delay to the presidency.

The Ecuadoran judiciary claims it has sufficient proof to prosecute and bring about convictions towards the defendants. The 2 cops were positioned into a witness protection software when they declared Correa had ordered the abduction.

What happens next?

The trial became suspended shortly after it opened. Consistent with Ecuadoran regulation, Correa cannot be tried in absentia.

The case is probable to stay indefinitely suspended till the former president returns to his domestic united states of america or the trial is closed through judges.

ls/aw (dpa, AFP)