(web desk) - Pakistan global airways (PIA) has shared amazing information thru twitter that it [PIA] has picked up a primary lady pilot, Maryam Mujtaba, from the beautiful mountainous valley Kashmir.

“Being a pilot is my dream from a young age and that i continually desired to do that, said Maryam Mujtaba in an interview, once my parents knew that I wanted to come to be a pilot, they advocated me and sent me to flying college.”

Maryam similarly delivered that after the crowning glory of her CPL course she determined a activity beginning happily at countrywide airways so she sat for the process examination and were given the job where has been running for them ever on account that.

But, whilst interviewer further asked if she turned into allowed any personal modification within the cockpit, she answered with smiling face, “No… I don’t make any adjustments; there are sure trendy operating tactics which want to be followed at any value and if a crew member is incapacitated then every other one desires to remain on top of things for the aircraft’s touchdown within the cockpit.

 whilst she went on to share her memories with interviewer she said that when she become pilot on an ATR bound for Bahawalpur, a female passenger became worried about my manipulate of the plane but once she efficaciously landed the aircraft the passenger got here up to her and took pix along with her and showered her with benefits.