South Korean officers stated Tuesday that a hundred and sixty "ok-Pop" singers, musicians and dancers will journey to North Korea in early April for the primary performances within the North via South Korean artists in more than a decade. 

for the duration of talks held on the village of Panmunjom, which sits on the demarcation line among North and South Korea, representatives of the two governments agreed that the South Korean artists would travel to Pyongyang on March 31 for four days and supply performances on the East Pyongyang Grand Theater and the 12,000-seat Ryugong Jong Ju Yong health club.

The choice to ship a number of the largest names from the South's highly famous k-Pop scene comes after a set of North Korean singers and musicians traveled to the South at some point of the recent Pyeongchang winter Olympic games, attracting a good sized quantity of interest at some stage in a series of performances.


The desire, it seems, is that "smooth power" diplomacy via pop music will help pave the manner for the leaders of North and South Korea to make authentic development in reducing tensions and ending a 73-yr standoff that has divided the Korean Peninsula and its humans.

top pop performers

The South Korean delegation will include pop legend Cho Yong Pil, the five-sturdy girl institution purple Velvet and the solo singer Seohyun, who was a celebrity with the high-quality-institution girls' era.

The performers could be headed by Yoon Sang, a famous composer and singer who led Tuesday's discussions on behalf of Seoul.

"Our purpose is to electrify North Koreans inside the same way that South Koreans were moved by their musicians," he said in a press conference in Seoul after the agreement have been reached.

"it is international relations by means of opportunity approach because both governments want to expose to their personal human beings and the broader world that they're looking to acquire an enduring peace," tune younger Chae, a professor at the center for worldwide advent and Collaboration at Seoul's Sangmyung college, informed DW.

"And at the same time as achieving peace in spite of everything these years of anxiety goes to be difficult to gain in the quick time period, those sorts of exchanges – subculture, song, amusement – are lots less difficult to arrange and have plenty less chance attached to them."

"it's far all approximately deepening know-how between the 2 sides, of changing cultural opportunities and – with a bit of luck – making the more tough problems barely easier to attain agreement on," stated song.

song introduced that notwithstanding strenuous efforts with the aid of the North Korean regime to maintain overseas affects out of the country, masses of South Korean music, movies and tv packages have been smuggled into the North and given the people there a glimpse of life past their borders.

enjoyment as diplomacy?

South Korean television is famous with normal North Koreans as it suggests off degrees of affluence that the massive majority can most effective dream of. This has made shows which are smuggled into the North unpopular with the regime, which punishes all people determined looking foreign packages.

further, North Korean music may additionally have a pop beat however it conveys a completely distinct message to track in the South. Even as exotically dressed stars in Seoul sing about relationships and love, their more soberly attired North Korean counterparts perform songs in honor of the socialist regime or the Kim circle of relatives.

recent releases inside the North consist of "we shall keep bayonets greater firmly," or, "My country, complete of happiness" and "Potato pleasure."

Stephen Nagy, a senior partner professor of international relations at Tokyo's global Christian college, believes Pyongyang could be very eager to use cultural events to demonstrate to the South that it isn't always a danger – although he remains deeply skeptical that Kim's regime has certainly modified its attitude towards the relaxation of the worldwide network.

"They see this as a great possibility to promote inter-Korean concord, to growth speak and decrease tensions on the peninsula," he instructed DW.

"but cultivating the South is likewise designed to inspire Seoul to experience close to the North and thrust back against efforts through the us or Japan to pressure Pyongyang."

'false wish'

"The North has been very smart in its technique,” introduced Nagy. "They recognize that the existing authorities in Seoul has a completely robust inclination towards reunification and via accomplishing out they are promoting the hope that is probably feasible."

"To my mind, it's far a totally false wish, however it's miles still a wish for the South and it serves the North via supporting to fracture Seoul's relations with america and Japan."

Nagy additionally believes the South had no choice but to simply accept gentle international relations overtures.

"whilst the North reached out beforehand of the winter Olympic video games, Moon sincerely had no alternative however to respond undoubtedly," he said. "It charges not anything to engage and failing to achieve this may want to have brought on the North to react aggressively in the course of the iciness Olympics, which the South turned into desperate to keep away from."

And all the smooth power and ballads which might be scheduled for Pyongyang will no longer be sufficient to rewrite that truth.