The pledge came after marathon talks with nearly 2 hundred ministers at the United nations Environmental meeting (UNEA) in Nairobi, Kenya.

countries pledged to "address the damage to our ecosystems ..

.. Including by substantially decreasing unmarried-use plastic products with the aid of 2030," according to the summit's very last announcement.

The circulate will seek to cut back using unmarried-use plastic products consisting of baggage, cups, cutlery and ingesting straws.

The very last declaration was issued on an afternoon that noticed hundreds of students taking element in protests to urge global leaders to do so to combat climate alternate.

US weakens very last text

even though Friday's agreement marks the first worldwide dedication to scale back plastics, environmentalist companies said the pledges do no longer pass far sufficient to urgently address the developing pollutants crisis that is threatening the arena.

The final text of the report turned into additionally notably weakened via the us, in step with negotiators.

maximum countries, together with the ecu Union participants, subsidized a proposal by using India that might have seen governments decide to "phasing out most tricky unmarried-use plastics with the aid of 2025."

the us led some international locations, including Saudi Arabia and Cuba, in a push to water down the text — ensuing inside the very last announcement to "substantially lessen" plastics via 2030, negotiators and environmentalist campaigners stated.

"It's tough to find one solution for all member states," stated Siim Kiisler, UN assembly president.

"The surroundings is at a turning point. We don't need verbose documents, we need concrete commitments," he instructed newshounds.

a few 500 billion disposable plastic baggage are used international every 12 months, while one million plastic drink bottles are bought each minute, the UN stated.

a few eight million tonnes (eight.Eight million US lots) of plastic leak into the sea each yr, threatening marine life and smothering reefs.

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