earlier than 1947, Karachi had public bathrooms. I don't forget one in Regal Chowk after which another on Bundar street, close to Dow scientific university. Besides those two, there were several others in exclusive components of the town.

I assume it is a superb element to begin a discussion about this and ensure that the town’s need is met. However once we've got public lavatories we, the citizens, have to make sure that they are saved smooth and properly maintained.

the other aspect humans have been speaking about for a few years now is more cemeteries. Karachi is a metropolis of more than 22 million and we're running out of space to bury the dead. Burying a person in the city is high priced and not absolutely everyone can come up with the money for it.

In 2017, I agree with the mayor had stated that he changed into deliberating a cemetery in Surjani city. I wonder what came about to that. I request the chief minister of Sindh to inspect these issues.

Shafique Ahmed


published in sunrise, March 17th, 2019