there's too much occurring in Karachi. With the Pakistan first-rate League occurring, we've got ordinary site visitors troubles. Roads are being dug up and numerous homes are both being demolished or constructed from scratch. Inside the middle of this chaos, I don’t understand if all and sundry has noticed — the metropolis’s law and order scenario has worsened and that i fear it received’t get any better.

If it continues like this, we gained’t be the 0.33 or fourth most dangerous city in the global — we are able to have the pinnacle slot.

I recognise of individuals who are scared of going out of doors after the sunsets. They ask their ladies come domestic earlier than Maghrib. Many younger boys aren't allowed to exit at night time — are you able to believe being young and having to take a seat at domestic while your pals play cricket outside?

humans complain of robberies, muggings and different things to the police but no action is being taken.

i'm hoping the prime minister and the governor of Sindh will look into this problem. Maybe it is time to convey the Rangers again?

Alina Matee


published in sunrise, March 17th, 2019