NEW Zealand’s high Minister Jacinda Ardern has vowed to alternate gun laws in the wake of the Christchurch terror attack that claimed the lives of fifty one Muslims imparting Friday prayers. I do no longer see how that is going to assist. It is not weapons however the human beings with the weapons who're answerable for the bloodbath.


If there are not any weapons, then it'll be rocks, knives, kitchen forks, bats, and so forth. Horrific people will constantly discover a way to cause damage. The shooter broke the existing gun legal guidelines so one can get the guns he used. The hassle is not with the weapons or the gun legal guidelines but the people with awful intentions, bad reasons and terrible faith that kill.

it is time for introspection. We need to have a look at our approaches to peer whether we are able to stay in peace and good faith with human beings of other caste, creed, coloration and faith.

Irshad Ullah

Buner, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


THE terrorist assault on Muslims in New Zealand ought to be condemned within the most powerful terms viable. But, it's far unlucky that there may be no common settlement at the definition of terrorism.

generally, terrorism is the usage of violence or chance of violence inside the pursuit of political, spiritual, ideological or social targets towards people belonging to another race, faith and another intellectual situation.

it's time the people of the sector discovered to live together and accommodate one another and now not discriminate on the premise of faith, ethnicity and race.

Riaz Ahmed



THE assault on mosques in New Zealand is not anything but a wanton terrorist assault on defenceless civilians imparting prayers. Our hearts exit to sufferers’ families and the new Zealand human beings.

The crime is but every other reminder of the truth that terrorism and its perpetrators don't have any religion and no country. They all want to be overwhelmed with an iron hand.

Shoaib Ali Dashti



AN Australian white supremacist murdered over 50 Muslims in bloodless blood in New Zealand. The worrying component about the terrible incident become that the worldwide media mainly within the West did now not broadcast the incident with the equal depth if this crime had taken vicinity in a few third global us of a and an Islamic one to boot. If any Muslim have been worried inside the carnage he could have received immediate stay coverage for hours.

The Christchurch massacre has manifested every other truth. Terrorism is now an international phenomenon and may be done through absolutely everyone (non-Muslim and Muslim) anywhere inside the world.

After Christchurch, it'd be unjustified and irrational to pay attention from the West that simplest Muslims are involved in terrorist activities.

Abdul Samad Samo



BRUTALITY become at its height in New Zealand on Friday. The goal — as traditional — have been Muslims. A terrorist from Australia butchered over 50 Muslims presenting Friday prayers.

The West’s Islamophobia has introduced the rot to the fore. The white terrorist even streamed his brazen and merciless act for the world to peer.

Why are Muslims tormented, disgraced and labelled terrorists due to their religion? It is time Muslims realised the risk has got out of hand and put together an appropriate response.

Sanaullah Niazi


published in , March seventeenth, 2019