JAKARTA (AFP) - more than one hundred ninety million Indonesians are set to solid their ballots Wednesday in one of the global’s biggest one-day elections.

citizens in the Muslim-majority usa will select a new president, masses of parliamentarians and lots extra nearby officials at over 800,000 polling stations across the Southeast Asian archipelago.

right here are some key information and figures about the April 17 polls within the 0.

.33-largest democracy behind India and the usa:

192 million 

The quantity of Indonesians, together with some two million living distant places, who're eligible to vote out of a populace of more than 260 million.


The number of events contesting the 575 seats in the residence of Representatives, Indonesia’s lower residence of parliament.

Opinion polls have put incumbent president Joko Widodo nicely in advance of his sole challenger, ex-wellknown Prabowo Subianto, in a re-run of the pair’s 2014 race, which Widodo narrowly received.


The variety of candidates competing for nearly 24,000 seats in legislatures on the provincial and district level internationally’s biggest archipelago state.

8 hours 

The complicated vote will manifest over approximately 8 hours, with balloting to kick off at 7:00 am local time (2200 GMT Tuesday) in easternmost Papua and ending at 1:00 pm in Indonesia’s westernmost time area, which incorporates the capital Jakarta.

four,800 kilometres 

this is the first time that Indonesia is preserving presidential, parliamentary and nearby elections at the same day. That presents a big logistical mission in a tremendous country that stretches a few four,800 kilometres (three,000 miles) from the top of Sumatra island throughout Java and beach paradise Bali to far off islands inside the japanese edges of its territory.


The range of polling booths staffed via extra than six million election employees. Elections officials use each method feasible to get ballot bins to electorate in mountain-pinnacle villages, deep inside the jungle and on faraway islands. They shipping them with the aid of jeep, boat, on horseback or even by means of foot.

voters make their desire by way of piercing a hole inside the poll paper subsequent to a candidate’s name. Then they dip their finger in indelible ink to make certain no one votes greater than as soon as.

a sequence of "short counts" are released by pollsters hours after vote casting. These unofficial tallies have in the beyond as it should be anticipated the final results, which are anticipated in may also.


The number of police and infantrymen, plus 1.6 million civil safety pressure participants, so as to be deployed to shield the election -- or approximately million human beings in all.