Tokyo electric powered power (TEPCO) said Monday it had eliminated the first of 566 gasoline rod assemblies from one of the three reactors at their tsunami-wrecked nuclear plant in Fukushima.

The flow is a an critical step inside the decommissioning manner.

TEPCO says the elimination of the nuclear gas rods will take approximately years, observed by way of the removal of some 1,000 gasoline units in storage pools at the alternative reactors.


Remotely operated removal

The gas gadgets are intact in spite of the catastrophe. However because the pools in which they sit are not enclosed, doing away with the gadgets to more secure ground is vital to keep away from a 2d catastrophe in case of another fundamental earthquake.

putting off the gas inside the cooling swimming pools was behind schedule for more than 4 years with the aid of mishaps, excessive radiation and radioactive debris from an explosion that happened in the course of the meltdown.

people are remotely working a crane constructed underneath the roof cover from a control room located about 500 meters (zero.31 miles) away. The cranes are designed to lift the gasoline from the garage rack in the pool before setting it right into a protective cask. The complete technique is happening underwater so as to save you radiation leaks. 

"I agree with everything goes well to this point," plant chief Tomohiko Isogai advised jap broadcaster NHK from Fukishima.

dv/rt (AFP, Reuters)