some other day, another misogynistic second on national tv.

On comedy display Khabarzar on AAP news on April 13, television host Aftab Iqbal made a few exceptionally irresponsible remarks about a intended connection between a girl's singlehood and intellectual health.

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The display typically dramatises activities while discussing them, and on closing Saturday's episode approximately faux faith healers, he stated approximately a lady acting like she's experiencing symptoms of 'hysteria': "31 years and no longer married.

. Then they bitch she makes noises and gets taken over by way of djinns. That is a pure case of anxiety. You wretched girls and your obsession along with your careers... This is what occurs when you disturb nature."

while the lady's on-display screen brother says she's too busy attending global workshops to consider marriage, the host said, "rather of having her attend workshops each different day, get her married."

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Iqbal's comments are uninformed on many degrees. No longer best does he make mild of mental contamination by advocating marriage as a treatment for a severe ailment, he demonises unmarried women and women with careers while reinforcing the wrong concept that a career and marriage are incompatible for a girl. All in the space of a couple of minutes.

Many have criticised him for his perspectives:

however will this remarks be heard? While PEMRA has attempted to clamp down on infant abuse dramas, pointless glamour and formidable scenes, it has greater regularly than no longer failed to address the complex perspectives aired with the aid of distinguished figures on television.

even as a word of warning became currently despatched to morning show manufacturers, possibly it's time for late-night shows to receive the same stage of scrutiny.