Kabul [Afghanistan], Apr 15 (ANI): A ceasefire among the Afghan authorities and the Taliban is the "fastest manner to save you casualties" in battle-torn Afghanistan, US unique representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad said on Monday.
"The quickest manner to prevent casualties is to agree to a ceasefire. Taliban senior management have to permit their representatives to return to the table and speak.

. I will hold to press the case," tweeted Khalilzad
"america entered peace talks due to the fact extra conflict isn't always the solution. All through the talks, i have proposed methods to lessen violence. By refusing to paintings with us to cease the killing, the Talibs are prolonging it. Let Afghan humans judge whether Talib statements encouraging extra violence is way ahead," he brought.
"Afghanistan has been at conflict for many years, at instances with each different. Tens of thousands of innocent civilians have died. As opposed to some other season of preventing, Afghans are worrying a brand new manner ahead" he went on to mention. 
the united states unique envoy made those comments following an attack by means of Taliban in Shirzad Districts of Afghanistan on Friday. 
Khalilzad has held five rounds of talks with the Taliban to this point in a bid to cease the war.  
last week, Taliban had announced its annual spring offensive, with an goal of "eradicating career" and "cleansing Muslim place of birth from invasion and corruption". It comes as a primary setback to the usa as it is conserving talks with the Taliban for the reason that remaining year to stop the battle within the usa. (ANI)