Israel is probably on a "slippery slope closer to apartheid," Ehud Barak warns in an distinctive interview with Tim Sebastian on DW’s war area.

"If we hold controlling the whole vicinity from the Mediterranean to river Jordan in which a few 13 million human beings are residing, 8 million Israelis, five million Palestinians, it would grow to be unavoidably - that's the important thing phrase: inevitably - either non-Jewish or non-democratic. We want neither a bi-countrywide nation with a civil battle nor apartheid," the former Israeli top Minister informed Tim Sebastian.


however, he stays unapologetic: "I care about morality. However I care greater approximately our very survival in life," he said discussing the ongoing Israeli occupation of the West bank, inhabited by way of four million Palestinians. 

Why is the peace system one of these failure? 

half a century after the career of the West bank and East Jerusalem, the peace method and tries in the direction of building two-state answer, which both facets are nevertheless officially in prefer of, seems to have failed. 

The cause, in keeping with many together with the UN safety council, is the Jewish Settlements within the West financial institution which have been deemed illegal via the council. “It turns into legal if and whilst the two aspects reach an settlement upon which a at the same time agreed line could be delineated inside which we stay a solely Jewish majority for generations to come. And the Palestinians have enough location for complete colourful and possible Palestinian de-militarized nation,” Barak claims. 

inside the previous a part of war area's unique collection marking 50 years of career, Nabeel Shaath, an guide to the Palestinian president displayed a completely unique view: "The trouble is settler career of this land and the selection by using the Israeli authorities in no way to give lower back, in no way to go into a -state solution, by no means to allow us to regain 1/2 of Jerusalem, by no means to present us the liberty and the choice to be a virtually loose and democratic united states of america. We are a country beneath complete occupation and full colonial grabbing of water and land." 

Punitive punishment doctrine and disproportional use of power  

however the peace technique hasn't best failed; the war additionally brought about many Palestinian civilian casualties.

Tim Sebastian requested Barak on his policies as defense minister all through Operation cast Lead (2008.2009), additionally known as Gaza conflict, in which 1,four hundred Gazans were killed which includes 300 children, in keeping with Amnesty international. There have been 13 Israeli casualties which includes 4 who died from pleasant hearth. 

the sector fitness business enterprise (WHO) mentioned that 14 percentage of homes in Gaza had been in part or absolutely destroyed at some point of the conflict, in addition to seven-hundred factories and corporations, 16 hospitals, 38 number one health care facilities, 280 faculties and 250 wells.
"It in no way was aimed toward the civilian population," Barak stated. I'm not happy with any human existence misplaced." He introduced it became impossible to avoid collateral harm in spite of the most correct weapons: "i'm no longer glad, i am very sorry for it, but I can't tell you that i will not repeat it if the existence and security of our very own human beings is at stake.”

the former prime Minister (1999-2001) and protection Minister (2009 to 2013) additionally informed DW he tried to look the Palestinian point of view "better than another Israeli leader” and emphasised Israel had to find a way to "disengage from the Palestinians".

warfare zone’s special collection of interviews marking the 50-year anniversary of the Six-Day warfare also consists of interviews of Tim Sebastian with Yair Lapid, Israeli main flesh presser, and Nabeel Shaath, adviser to the Palestinian president.