ISLAMABAD: A contemporary show titled colorations of Independence, featuring the works of Nahida Raza and Sarah Sheikh, opened on Tuesday at the Aqs gallery.

Ms Raza’s work feature formidable strokes to depict energy. She said she become stimulated through the human form and through mysterious landscapes.


She explored her techniques in abstract expressionism; her medium is oil on canvas and she or he works with a plate and knife.

The artist’s art work replicate the mood of mystery. Some of her work is in oil, and different pieces are in the acrylic medium.

Ms Raza paints with active stroke, and her works centres around topics of the moon, and forests and foliage.

She blended heat hues with neutrals to create pieces that provoke interest and thriller.

She said she paints what “I sense in that moment”. The colours turn out to be the phrases, she said; darkish colors represent older times at the same time as vibrant colorations represent better, happier times.

She stated one in all her favored topics is the girl parent, which continues to encourage her.

meanwhile Ms Sheikh creates reflects of towns as visible from a distance.

This series covered work that focuses on Islamabad. Her paintings is modern-day, however consists of magical abstract.

In properly-balanced compositions that feature strong, vibrant imagery, Ms Sheikh paints cityscapes which are dreamy in impact.

She paints in oil and canvas and is stimulated with the aid of structure, and the light a city gives when regarded from a distance.

She said that when one appears at a town from a high point, all of the viewer can see is mellow mild peeking out of home windows and doorways, an echo that

lives and activities are taking vicinity.

Ms Sheikh devoted the exhibition to Islamabad due to the fact she ignored the tranquillity and peacefulness whilst she became studying overseas.

She said Islamabad gave her a lot of thought, proper instructors and pals and might always be in her heart regardless of wherein existence takes her.

The show will preserve till April 25.

published in , April 17th, 2019