RAWALPINDI: A three-day exhibition of calligraphy opened at the Rawalpindi Arts Council (RAC) on Tuesday, showcasing the paintings of Azeem Iqbal.

The exhibition was inaugurated through Punjab Minister for Literacy and Non Formal primary schooling Raja Rashid Hafeez. It includes more than 50 Islamic calligraphy paintings in numerous mediums, along with leather-based, timber, copper and valuable stones, in addition to calligraphy scripts including Khat-i-Kofi, Nastaliq, Jalli and others.


Mr Iqbal told sunrise that the exhibition consists of both vintage and new portions.

“I continually try and use the ones materials that have been used in the early days of Islam to write down verses of the Quran and the names of Allah,” he said.

He added that he become been making calligraphy considering the fact that his youth, and used vibrant colors in his work because many human beings like that.

“He stated pastel colors are not the proper preference for calligraphy.

Mr Iqbal said he also included silver and goldleaf, as well as Aab-i-Zam Zam in his paintings.

Mr Hafeez said on the exhibition that calligraphy is a culture of Islamic values and the artist had supplied the generation of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in his paintings.

He also remarked that it became unique for the artist to use substances just like those used to put in writing the Quran.

The minister praised the function of the RAC in promoting nearby artists and giving people the possibility to peer their paintings. He stated the authorities changed into operating to sell artwork and subculture inside the us of a.

RAC Director Waqar Ahmed shed light on the records of calligraphic art, specializing in Mr Iqbal’s paintings.

He added: “We released this programme to sell local artwork and way of life and the paintings of local artists could be exhibited on the gallery, from calligraphy to landscapes and figurative paintings, on this regard.”

published in sunrise, April seventeenth, 2019