LANDI KOTAL: rankings of Shinwari tribesmen and traders staged an indication at Torkham border on Tuesday to protest the alleged profession of a bit of private land through countrywide Logistic mobile for production of custom terminal in violation of an settlement.

holding black flags, the protesters also chanted slogans towards NLC. Speaking on the event, Israr Ahmad, the chairman of Khughakhel youth organisation, accused NLC of starting up production work on the disputed land through forcibly occupying private properties.


He said that the Khugakhel elders, who have been the joint proprietors of the land on the Torkham border, had signed an agreement with NLC for production of the custom terminal while allocating extra than 400 kanals of joint land for the purpose.

Protesters accuse NLC of overstepping its authority

Mr Ahmad stated that NLC extended its creation paintings and started levelling of the land, which turned into not donated to it below the settlement. He additionally accused NLC of overstepping its authority through imposing unlawful taxes on transporters.

The KYO chief stated that the sluggish procedure of safety clearance of cars coming from Afghanistan became also causing traffic congestion at the border and delaying the technique of custom clearance of products.

in the meantime, security officials on Tuesday determined to preserve the Torkham border open until midnight after a meeting with local traders and transporters.

neighborhood transporters and traders had long been complaining approximately the sluggish method of safety and custom clearance of motors coming from Afghanistan at the border point.

officials stated that maintaining the border open till middle of the night for one week might assist to clear the vehicles parked on the Afghan aspect and would additionally quit synthetic scarcity of empty cars on Pakistan facet.

The federal authorities has lately announced to keep the border crossing open for all types of motors round the clock. The selection has not been applied so far.

POLICE: DPO Mohammad Hussain has stated that all the policing powers will step by step be delegated to Khasadar and Levies personnel, who have handiest currently been transformed into police thru an ordinance.

He said this during his first visit to Landi Kotal on Tuesday wherein he become accorded a heat welcome by using the officials of new pressure and neighborhood tribal elders.

He said that police officers were aware about the sentiments of tribal humans, specially Khasadar and Levies employees, and all their postings and transfers could be made within their personal tribal districts.

“Weight will be given to the tips of station house officers approximately posting and transfers of his subordinates while police will no longer intrude inside the jirga system and perks of the tribal elders,” said the DPO.

He additionally inaugurated the newly set up office of deputy superintendent of police for Landi Kotal.

published in sunrise, April seventeenth, 2019