ISLAMABAD: The excellent court on Tuesday rejected a petition of the Pak-Turk education foundation (PTEF) looking for overview of the Dec 13, 2018 judgement wherein the court had ordered handover of its faculties and different belongings to the Turkiye Maarif foundation by way of conserving the Pak-Turk global Cag training basis (PTICEF), the parent enterprise of the PTEF, a terrorist outfit.

A three-judge bench headed by Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed dismissed the PTEF petition for now not being maintainable and on the grounds that the Turkish authorities had declared the muse a terrorist enterprise.

In its review petition, the PTEF had argued that as a sovereign kingdom with long-status relationship of friendship and brotherhood with the Turkish human beings, Pakistan ought not to come to be a battleground for settling home political ratings of the Turkish government with its political opponents.


“in this backdrop it's far crucial to err on the facet of warning and no longer slap PTEF with the label of terror thereby implicating and stigmatising the Pakistani residents who've dedicated themselves to serving the reason of education under the banner of Pak-Turk colleges and colleges,” the petition had stated.

In its order of Dec 13, 2018, the excellent court had held that the residents of Pakistan had the proper to security of individual and the proper to education in lawfully set up educational establishments in addition to the right to and interest in enforcement of legal guidelines to ensure that no terrorist organization or any entity having hyperlinks or nexus with terrorist organisations turned into allowed to perform within the country.

The PTICEF become mounted in 1999 after a memorandum of expertise become signed among the Pakistan government through the financial Affairs department and the foundation. The aim and objective of the PTICEF is imparting satisfactory education to Pakistani college students at low value. Some sources have been to be contributed by way of the government, which include land for school homes in specific cities.

As many as 28 schools had been mounted below this association.

The judgement noted that during 1999 the PTICEF turned into known beneath the Turkish law and loved guide, backing and guardianship of the Turkish government, however in July 2016, the determine employer of the PTICEF particularly Cag academic employer (CEC) turned into found to be engaged in subversive sports in Turkey. Later, it was discovered that the CEC became an entity owned and at once managed by using an organisation concerned in an unsuccessful attempted navy coup to overthrow the democratically elected government of Turkey.

as a result of popular resistance, the coup did not prevail.

subsequent investigations established the direct link and nexus of the CEC with the PTICEF, which set up faculties in Pakistan.

The Turkiye Maarif basis changed into hooked up by using the Turkish parliament in 2016 as the only Turkish entity legal to offer academic offerings abroad.

published in sunrise, April 17th, 2019