BUREAUCRATIC reshuffles are recurring when it comes to going for walks administrative matters. If an officer isn't appearing, the kingdom has the energy to transfer her or him and replace them with a extra able person. However, when transfers and postings occur with bizarre frequency, it offers upward thrust to speculation that some thing extra than simply performance is being judged; that possibly it's miles political compulsions that underlie the go out or posting of an officer, in place of professional competence.

. The recent alternate of the Punjab police chief has in reality raised eyebrows; outgoing IGP Amjad Javed Saleemi become replaced on Monday with the aid of Arif Nawaz. This will perhaps be considered a habitual depend if it had been no longer the fourth time in 8 months that Punjab’s pinnacle police officer become changed — with all transfers taking region beneath the PTI authorities’s watch. Regarding Mr Saleemi’s exit, the speculation doing the rounds is that the top brass have been now not happy together with his overall performance, and it's far being alleged that he had a ‘gentle corner’ for the PML-N.

even as public servants ought to no longer let their political affiliations get inside the manner of their paintings, it's also not fair to penalise officers based totally on their political choices, in particular if they're performing their obligations ably. Extra importantly, the independence of the police can't be completed until there may be zero political interference inside the force’s affairs, and till officers are allowed to finish their tenure. If proof of great misconduct or loss of performance comes to light, then there have to be a transparent method and an oversight frame that should deal with the matter to ensure justice is finished. Officers have to now not be transferred really on a whim: on every occasion the Punjab IG has been removed during the last 8 months, no motives were given for the flow. And it isn't simply Punjab where cops have failed to electrify their political bosses. In Sindh, former IG A.D. Khowaja — extensively visible as a capable officer — had a tough innings with the provincial management because the PPP-led Sindh authorities attempted to remove him numerous instances on apparently political grounds until the best courtroom ruled that he have to entire his tenure. If political forces in ‘naya Pakistan’ want the police to supply, then tenure must be reputable and officials now not despatched packing primarily based on political likes and dislikes.

published in , April 17th, 2019