RAWALPINDI: The Headquarters of the chief Martial law Administrator issued here tonight [April 16] M.L. Regulation Nos 34 and 35 coping with the maintaining of unlawfully obtained forex and belongings outdoor Pakistan. The rules come into pressure immediately.

beneath M.L. Law No. 34, any character, other than a bona fide student engaged in research or training out of the country, shall claim retaining foreign exchange to the kingdom bank of Pakistan or give up it to an permitted provider in Pakistan by using can also 15, if he believes that such retaining of forex is not lawful or it's been unlawfully received. No action might be taken against him.

The law said that if any man or woman is determined holding forex in contravention of any law and who has now not declared or surrendered it by way of the specified date, shall be punished with rigorous imprisonment up to 14 years and with confiscation either of the complete or a part of his assets in Pakistan.

according to M.L. Law No. 35, a person aside from bona fide scholar engaged in studies or education and bona fide salary-earner in a foreign country, who owns any movable or immovable property outdoor Pakistan, shall claim to the country bank of Pakistan their description, cost and income with the aid of June 16. — agency

posted in , April seventeenth, 2019