LAHORE - Federal research agency (FIA) arrested 15 chinese nationals and 22 others in continuation of its crackdown on the gangs worried in faux marriages with Pakistani women for trafficking them to China.

in line with Dunya news sources, FIA recovered 3 Pakistani women. The arrests and recoveries were made at some point of raids carried out in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.


In some other raid, FIA arrested one chinese language and a Pakistani countrywide from DHA and Devine lawn.

Dunya news assets similarly stated a Gujranwala girl who flew to China has lower back Pakistan after alleged torture via her chinese language husband.

Rabia of Fatumund had married to Zuang in January in a ceremony held at Faisal Mosque Islamabad. Each left for China after a few weeks of marriage. Rabia said her husband had relations with different ladies too. She said many guys got here to their residence each day and she turned into tortured.
Rabia stated she escaped as soon as she determined an opportunity and went to Pakistani Embassy where the officers helped her lots.

She said a neighboring girl had proven her goals of right life beforehand by using marrying a chinese national. She has filed a request in court docket for revocation of Nikah. The affected female further said government should take strict action towards suspects worried in human trafficking.

FIA busts prostitution ring that despatched young girls to China

on the other hand, every other institution of chinese language countrywide involved in faux marriages has been revealed in Faisalabad. Mr Xen worked on many tasks in Pakistan. He alongside with his spouse and brother in regulation arranged marriages of 18 Faisalabad women with chinese language nationals.

in line with Dunya news, FIA has in advance busted a gang involved in illegal human trafficking. The suspects had bought a residence in Eden lawn where chinese language stayed earlier than marriage ceremonies.