CHYNOVSKA JESKYNE, Czech Republic (Reuters) - Czech speleologists have provide you with a manner to discover flooded cave structures without strapping on scuba tools, moist fits, helmets and water-evidence lamps: 3-D mapping.

the new device turned into evolved by way of Geo-CZ, a company that makes use of the underlying generation to map historical and archaeological sites. The Cave administration of the Czech Republic premiered it on Friday.


“The enter statistics aren't made by way of man or woman photographs, but videos,” Geo-CZ’s Jiri Sindelar stated. “This makes the on-site mapping exceptionally quicker.”

meaning, of path, that someone has to place at the equipment and cross into the cave, however handiest once and simplest lengthy enough to movie it. That is a first rate comfort, due to the fact caves are dark, perplexing locations which are extremely dangerous on their pleasant day and severely dangerous after they’re flooded.

furthermore, the former can develop into the latter with out a warning, as the ones 12 Thai schoolboys observed out closing summer time whilst rain brought about a flash flood within the cave they had been exploring.

Geo-CZ used their machine in Chynovska jeskyne, a cave approximately a hundred kilometers (sixty two miles) south of Prague, that turned into discovered in 1863 and opened to the public in 1868. In the Eighties, spelunkers observed lower, large elements of the cave system that are full of water. The exploration continues to be going on.

the brand new gadget will make that tons easier, and more correct, Sindelar said. “within the 2 hundred meters of the flooded corridors of the Chynov cave, with a drop of more than 46 meters and a totally complicated device, the deflection does no longer exceed tens of centimeters,” he said.

whilst gazing the cave as a whole in the computer version, the divers can also apprehend it higher.

“inside the 3D imagery, we can absolutely realize the connections the various corridors and of the complete gadget... We are able to get an awful lot greater records from it,” Chynov cave expert Frantisek Krejca said.