KARACHI: One might assume Yasir Hussain to be a person who learns from his mistakes. Particularly the ones that go away a scar that stays. Years returned at the fifth Hum fashion Awards he mad a very irrelevant commentary concerning infant sexual abuse and obtained deserving backlash for that.


This was the primary time Yasir got here under fireplace for his obvious ‘slip of tongue.’ and much to the audience’s dismay, his crass sense of humour hasn’t definitely stepped forward.

years, greater public blacklashes later, Hussain reveals himself in an eerily similar scenario: no, he hasn’t learned and it doesn’t seem like he will whenever quickly.

right here’s a recap of the actor’s statements that made our eyes roll.

1. 2017: Hum Awards’ toddler sexual abuse ‘funny story’

That night time will continually be remembered for the tasteless remark made by that year’s display host, who become none aside from Hussain. Ahsan Khan received the award for his function in critically acclaimed serial Udaari, that tackled the taboo of infant sexual abuse.

as the actor came as much as receive the award for the fine poor man or woman, the Lahore Se Aagay actor felt the need to crack a terrible joke.

Itna khobsurat baby molester, kash foremost bhi bacha hota… (the sort of good-looking infant molester, I wish i used to be a toddler as nicely.)”, he said whilst pulling Khan’s cheeks.

Hussain later apologised on Instagram. He then shared, “i'm just as against infant abuse as you might be and should be. The joke I made is perceived in another way than I had in the beginning meant to. I apologise to Ahsan Bhai and the relaxation.”

appropriate step. Completed and dusted.

The host of the night should have easily avoided this particular controversy if he sincerely would have congratulated Ahsan and moved on with the display. Due to the fact from time to time, less certainly is greater Yasir.

2. 2019: Poking amusing at transgenders

Yasir changed into using high on the achievement of his current Anwar Maqsood theatre play, Naach Naa Jaanay, while he shared he will be playing the function of a lady in an upcoming Eid telefilm and it turned into quite superb. Till he made a mockery out of the very same component.

someone asked a completely legitimate query to the actor, “Why don’t you men rent actual transgenders?”

Now, there had been two methods to head about this, both respond sensibly or mock the individual. Are you able to guess which course Yasir took?

Yep, the latter.

Matlab aap ko job chahiye? (Do you need the process?)”

What accompanied his reaction was a extreme backlash via social media users in which they referred to as the actor out for “transphobic” jokes.

And what did Hussain do then? He apologised. Once more, thoughtful step.

“by no means do I ever want to disrespect a gender that i have huge regard for,” he wrote on Instagram.

“once the show is out you may be able to recognize the man or woman better and will recognise that my position has nothing to do with humiliating or mocking every body.”

He persisted, “We as public figures receive lots of retaliation/negative comments and simply because I chose to reply to a remark with a comic story does now not in any manner mean that i've no recognize for a certain gender.”

understand the placement you’re in

No, Yasir. You don’t virtually have to show the entirety right into a comic story. Whilst you should be hoping that fans apprehend your side of the tale, you must be aware of the duty you've got as a public figure. Such statements best trivialise an already sensitive way.

three. 2019: creating a mockery of a person’s insecurities

The brand new buffoonery by using the actor changed into simply plain thoughtless.

Hussain made a distasteful comment approximately a  fellow colleague Hania Aamir who spoke up approximately her conflict with zits and tension in a brave publish. He cited Hania Amir as ‘Danedaar‘ hinting at her battle with zits. Hussain’s phrases left us a bit stressed and made us wonder if the actor really understood the affect his one-liners can have on a person.

After commenting on Hania’s acne inclined skin, the Parwaaz Hai Junoon known as him out, asking him “to now not make fun of people’s insecurities.”

just when we thought Yasir couldn’t simply say some thing worst, he in addition went on to tell Hania that it wasn’t a ‘funny story’ and known as her too much of a ‘burger’ to no longer understand what he virtually meant.

And no, he didn’t even address the problem handy and determined to maintain mum about it.

To sum up Hussain’s irrelevant encounters on public areas, Hania’s own words serve the motive: “It’s no longer humorous. I’m no longer laughing, no one is.”

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