WASHINGTON: A US farmer in his 60s whose leg become horrifically sucked right into a corn hopper sawed off the limb with a pocket knife to keep his life.

Kurt Kaser, sixty three, a existence-long farmer within the primary state of Nebraska, stated he turned into working alone ultimate month, moving corn from one area to some other while he got out of his truck and mistakenly stepped into “that little hollow” of the hopper.

“It simply sucked my leg in and i was tryin’ to tug it out, and it kept pullin’,” he told the local ABC affiliate in Omaha, KETV.


“I approximately gave up once and just said the heck with it… and then I felt it jerk me again. I thought, well, i used to be goin’ in,” Kaser delivered.

He realised that his most effective alternative was to “reduce it off” the usage of the small knife in his pocket.

“So I simply commenced sawin’ on it,” he said, remember-of-factly.
After appearing the grisly life-saving venture, Kaser turned into unfastened and crawled to his house to smartphone for help, reports said.

the first to arrive become his son, Adam, a member of the local rescue squad, the Omaha international-bring in pronounced early Wednesday.

After a week in medical institution and extra in rehabilitation, Kaser changed into back home remaining Friday, positive that he can be strolling usually again, the newspaper stated.

“i used to be in a rush and didn’t pay attention,” he stated, hoping his tale can function a caution to different farmers.

nearby media showed photographs of Kaser in a wheelchair, his bandaged left leg amputated underneath the knee.