KARAK: The female citizens of Ahmadi Banda, Makoori and adjoining regions on Thursday protested the low fuel pressure complaining they’ve to apply firewood.

The protesters led with the aid of lady councillor Umar Jana marched as much as the relevant processing facility of MOL, an oil and fuel exploration agency, and staged a take a seat-in in front of its principal gate.

They criticised the Sui Northern gasoline Pipeline constrained over the supply of low-stress fuel in the fasting month of Ramazan.

. The protesters said the gas pressure become so low that they couldn’t prepare dinner meals.

They stated the state of affairs had forced them to use firewood, which become no longer only steeply-priced but it inconvenienced them as nicely. The protesters also complained that they’d to cover lengthy distances to fetch firewood from a hilly place.

They said though large gasoline reserves had been determined under their lands, they’re denied fuel deliver via the exploration organisation. The protesters said the authorities ought to installation gasoline meters within the area.

They said the citizens could pay fuel payments often however the government should supply gas to them.

Later, the assistant commissioner of Banda Daud Shah met protesters and promised higher fuel stress. The mob dispersed threatening extra protests in case of low gas stress.

meeting SEATS: unique folks of Karak district have demanded reserved seats for his or her community individuals in the countrywide and provincial assemblies and in local our bodies for the powerful resolution of their troubles.

The demand become made with the aid of Asa development organization chairman Maqsood Ahmad Khan here on Thursday.

observed by way of different individuals of the business enterprise, Mr Maqsood regretted that the country wide and provincial assemblies hadn’t legislated for the welfare of the bodily challenged humans though the authorities had made a formal commitment for that on the international level.

He additionally criticised the social welfare branch for ignoring the special folks’ development.

published in , might also seventeenth, 2019