PARIS: President Nixon’s peace plan call for the withdrawal of all non-South Viet-Namese troops from South Viet-Nam was unexpectedly knocked down via the North Viet-Namese and NLF delegations at today’s [May 16] consultation of the Peace talks.

A statement via delegation leader Xuan Thuy did no longer reject outright the eight points President Nixon announced on Wednesday which have been tabled at the conference by means of US Ambassador Henry Cabot hotel, who flew again from Washington closing night time. However he dismissed all talk of a mutual withdrawal because the “most ridiculous argument which i have already rejected many times.

.” Tran Buu Kiem, head of the the front group on the talks, said President Nixon’s insistence at the mutual withdrawal method “become now not greater than posing conditions, which we've oftentimes rejected, to the withdrawal of us troops”.

The Hanoi and NLF response did no longer appear to disturb Mr motel unduly. “the other side gave each indication they will do not forget those (Nixon) proposals,” he instructed newsmen and defined the atmosphere on the consultation as “very difficult to characterise”. Both Mr Kiem and Mr Thuy prevented whole rejection of the brand new American proposals. Mr inn and South Viet-Namese Ambassador Pham Dang Lam introduced they taken into consideration at the least some of the NLF programme really worth speaking about. — corporation

published in sunrise, can also seventeenth, 2019