avenue crimes are at the upward thrust again. Lately, a chum of mine became mugged at gunpoint proper outside his office. He stated his mugger became a young man who had a gun. He desired cash and my pal’s cellphone. My buddy gave it all to him, however due to the fact my friend did not have a great deal cash within the pockets, the boy threw it back within the car.

This incident led me to suppose.

Why might a person in his teenagers move in the direction of a life of crime as opposed to going to school or working element-time, and it hit me. Illiteracy, poverty and unemployment or loss of opportunities.

every body has the equal story to tell or as a minimum the same goals — to offer for themselves and their families. But what's one to do while their fundamental wishes aren't being met. A few humans is probably attracted by means of committing small-time crimes along with mugging others in the road as it is a quick-restoration for their issues — smooth money.

however, there are others who can drown inside the darkness that incorporates this — killing or kidnapping for lease or worse.

previously, i was now not afraid. However now I do no longer feel secure strolling on the streets in large daylight.

Maira Mujeeb

published in sunrise, may seventeenth, 2019