when the Senate rejected a circulate to relocate Pakistan global airlines places of work to Islamabad, the fierce pressure to shift as many places of work as possible from Karachi to Islamabad acquired a totally welcome jolt.

some months ago there has been a similar move to shift the workplaces of the Civil Aviation Authority to Islamabad. There had been robust protests. The affected households prayed night and day for the move to fail. God heard them. The authorities fell. It became discredited, disgraced and its key figures have been placed behind bars. The CAA became now not taken far from the city.

agree with me when I say this, when you relocate an office and don’t recollect the human dimensions, you are being sincerely unwise.

East Pakistan broke away from us exactly for this reason. We disregarded human implications of our movements, which have been mindless. Doing away with assets from one vicinity and giving it to some other offers upward thrust to secessionist sentiments. Mujib-ur-Rehman talked to me at period in this in Karachi when I interviewed him for an English mag.

awaken Islamabad!

Azmat Ansari

published in sunrise, may also 17th, 2019